Mind the gap(s) in the Beijing subway

I really like this sign. Especially the yellow circle in it, because it seems to suggest that the man is engaging in non-Newtonian behaviour (ie: walking on glittery magic paths in the air // walking on a ray of sunshine).

And I also like the pluralization of Gaps. Because it’s true: there are many.


2 thoughts on “Mind the gap(s) in the Beijing subway

  1. it’s funny.
    i was just watching the TTC infobelt screen, and what should pop up but the mind the gap message. very strange to see it in written form, it was only then that I realized I have the message nearly memorized. Perhaps they are suggesting to not only mind the gap on the side from which you are exiting, but also the gap on the otherside, in case any hoodlums decided to break open the non-exit-side-door. Or perhaps they are warning against overpriced jeans at a well-loved american clothing chain?

  2. You know what’s very odd? On the subway today, there was a door on the non-exit side that was all taped over, with a big DO NOT USE THIS DOOR sign on it… Perhaps this was the very door that such hoodlums (as you described) decided to break open!

    Those sign-designers in Beijing are more ingenius than I ever could have imagined.

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