Rarities and eccentricities: Grasping the Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw is the kind of place you always wished for when you were a kid. Dusty old typewriters, jars of stuff you’d never want to touch, and every kind of fascinating-yet-useless book you could ever imagine. Located at 1229 Dundas St. West, The Monkey’s Paw lays claim to being Toronto’s most idiosyncratic secondhand bookshop. Accordingly, they specialize in “uncommon scholarly and out-of-print books; ephemera & images; manual typewriters; biological specimens.”

Take, for example, some of this week’s new arrivals. Roaring Guns (1938) is a violent Western written and illustrated by an 8-year-old, with original misspellings intact.

monkey's paw 1

Or, if gruesome kids’ drawings aren’t your thing, then try Heads and Faces and how to Study them: A Manual of Phrenology and Physiognomy (1897). Alternatively, take a look at Clip and Groom your own Poodle (1972). The cover is self-explanatory.

monkey's paw 2
What more could you ever wish for?

The Monkey’s Paw
1229 Dundas St. West
Toronto, Ontario M6J1X6

tel: 416.531.2123
web: monkeyspaw.com


2 thoughts on “Rarities and eccentricities: Grasping the Monkey’s Paw

    • I’d have to agree.

      Also, I really find David Statler’s use of detail fantastic. Pointing out “blood”? Genius.

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