Rapp Optical: The best specs in town

A year ago, I first set foot in Rapp Optical’s College & Ossington shop. Without realizing it, a summer-long saga of spectacles had been born. The shop would draw me in whenever I walked by its dark-postered windows. I’d venture inside to meet golden light and glass-cased counters, spending minutes gazing at the frames that I dared not try. I knew if I started, I would never stop.


What’s amazing about Rapp is the sheer number of frames that you feel compelled to try on, even if you know they’ll look ridiculous. The first time I did so, the girl behind the counter unblinkingly handed me the cattiest pair of librarian frames I’d ever seen. The results were less than perfect, but it was the start to a search I’m not likely to forget. Luckily for me, the shop  is also chock full of original-yet-wearable specs to fit any face. That summer, I bought two pairs — a pair of spectacles, and a pair of sunglasses (they have those too!) — and I believe those long hours of looking were well worth it. 

rapp 2

Mind Gap Rating: 4.5 gaps out of 5

788 College Street, Toronto ON
T: 416.537.6590
E: info@rappoptical.ca
W: www.rapplimited.com

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