In search of the epic summer

Everyone gets it. It’s that feeling that comes in early March, when the snow starts letting up and spring is in sight. With the warmer breezes come the realization that summer is nearly here — and you have no idea what you’re going to do this year.

Paris, 19th arrondissement

Paris, 19th arrondissement

Now, I’ve had the fortune of having a series of beautiful summers in the past few years. I’ve gotted to know some cities that were extraordinairily difficult to leave — Paris, Ottawa, Florence. But this year is different: Toronto. I’ll admit, it feels strange staying in the city for the whole summer. I’ve just started work at a public policy consultation company as an intern. We’re right in Corktown — King and Parliament — and I’ve already come to love the empty King streetcars that grace the street by the second.

My favourite bookstore in the world, Paris 5e

My favourite bookstore in the world, Paris 5e

What I’m already realizing from staying in the city this summer is how little I actually know Toronto. It’s funny how when you’re a tourist, you’re always trying to find out what the “natives” do in town. But in your own city, you take things for granted, and you don’t seek them out. Apart from the Danforth, I’ve never really delved into the East End in all my years living here — and that’s something that’s already begun to change from having to work in Corktown every day.

I think it’s going to be a good summer.

epic summer

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