Creative spaces in unlikely places

There are some places you can’t describe in words. One of those places is the Sketch working space on King West in Toronto. Sketch is a drop-in studio for street-involved or homeless young people. It gives them the opportunity to engage in the arts in a cross-discipline studio environment, or in the community.

France-Italy-2008 168

The quality of work produced by Sketch participants is mind-blowing. Some have gone on to hold gallery showings of their work. Others have pursued careers in the music scene, via Sketch’s in-house recording studio. It’s something not many people would expect from members of the at-risk and homeless population.

France-Italy-2008 163

I got the chance to talk to Sketch’s executive director, Rudy Ruttiman earlier this year. What really stuck with me was what she said about the participants at Sketch. She said that being homeless, you develop a range of skills that most people don’t have — and you become extremely resilient.

I think it showed in the work I saw at Sketch. You could feel it in the sun-stained walls and the wonderful chaos that possessed the room. It’s one of the most incredible spaces I’ve seen in this city. I’m glad it’s being put to good use.

580 King Street West, 2nd Floor 
Toronto, Ontario
T: 416.516.1559

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