Nowism: Taking the art world by storm

There is a movement emerging in the art world right now. The movement is Nowism. The time to act is Now.


What is our role in light of this important movement, you might ask. The answer: to create the Nowist Manifesto. This is a set of contemplations, flashes of insight, words — all of which are needed to take Nowism to the next level.
There are no rules, there are no prerequisites. This movement grows as its numbers grow; it evolves as its proponents evolve — so don’t feel that you can’t write about Nowism just because you don’t know about it. Nowism only knows as much as you know.
To write said manifesto, all I ask is for you to think of what you’re thinking right now, and to write it. It can be as long or as short as you wish. This page is intended as a forum for all Nowists to exchange their views about this important movement. Remeber, your level of knowledge on Nowism is irrelevant. What matters is what you know right now. So get started – write something!

You can access the Nowist forum from the Nowist Manifesto link in the side panel. Alternatively, you can click here:


2 thoughts on “Nowism: Taking the art world by storm

  1. I took this picture.
    p.s. Btini linked me here and I am in love. I miss you and your brilliance. also, i totally want to paint banners with you. September first? its a date.

    • Esther I miss you too! How is Vancouver? September 1st is Perfect with a capital P. Let the bannerism begin!

      p.s. brilliant photo — I was wondering who took it, haha.

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