Neighbourly Love, Part 1

It’s things like this that make me love this city.

Walking to work this morning, I came face to face with a cardboard box filled with free books. It was just sitting there in the planter outside the door. Presumably the box is from our neighbours, a design firm, I think.

After a quick flip through some not-bad titles, I opted for “One Pot Italian Cooking: More than 100 Easy Authentic Recipes” by Massimo Capra. The author’s name alone made it a quick sell. And the moustache.

one pot italian cooking capra

I also love watching the passers-by as they come across the well-advertised free-book-box. Some spent several minutes sorting through it, just looking over the titles, even if they came out empty handed. Everyone from the King East graphic design gods, to the corner car mechanics, to homeless people stopped to give it a go. And watching their respective reactions to free sidewalk stuff was marvelous. I hope it happens again.

Thanks, neighbours!

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