This week in the Varsity: Science Rendezvous

I’ve decided to post my Varsity articles in the Mind Gap. Here’s a snippet from this week’s issue:

It’s eleven o’clock on a rainy Saturday morning. What would usually be a sleepy St. George campus is, at the moment, a medley of PhDs and kids in lab coats. The place is buzzing, even under threatening skies.

From archaeology to astrophysics, the city-wide Science Rendezvous has something for everyone. As I make my way through the Science Carnival on St. George Street, I encounter a lab coat-clad volunteer who asks if I know what a polymer is, and whether I want to make silly putty. In a live chemistry cooking show, I witness can-can-dancing carbohydrates […]

Click here for full article.

6 thoughts on “This week in the Varsity: Science Rendezvous

  1. Daniel is a jerkface.

    …I mean, what? Me, unoriginal and childish insults? YOUR MOM.

    Like my Grade 8 science teacher used to say, “Science is everything, and everything is science.” That quote influenced MY LIFE. You would do well to learn that lesson, young padawan.

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