À bout de souffle

Coincidences can be as strange as they can be cliché. Today’s coincidence: À bout de souffle.

I watched the film for the first time last night — and then lo and behold on Betina’s blog was a 16-hour-old post mentioning it. Eerie? No. Just a coincidence.

a bout de souffle

Though I haven’t watched Pierrot le fou, I can say with moderate confidence that I did enjoy À bout de souffle. My favourite elements were the interactions between Jean Sebarg and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Whimsical, disconnected, at times verging on absurdism. No, that’s a bit of a long shot. In any case, slightly odd, but charmingly so.

Another thing to point out is that this one  is certainly not as unnerving as many of Godard’s other works. It manages to escape the bad end of the experimental spectrum, which is a delicate maneuver.

But there’s always a but. I really, really can’t stand Jean Seberg’s French accent. I’ve never heard anything like it. And that’s not a good thing.

Enough said.

4 thoughts on “À bout de souffle

    • Sweet! It’s also at Kelly library for 1 week loans, if you’re interested (I’d have to return it first though, ha)

  1. I watched it too!

    I found it very comical, the male protagonist is quite funny (I really liked him)! The girl was just annoying and not very convincing as an actress!

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