Michael Jackson died

Yesterday evening I was sipping tea at Future’s when I heard my phone ringing; it was Blerta calling. As soon as I picked up:

“Ειρηνη, Michael Jackson died!”

I can’t help but wonder whether I’ll remember, when I’m older, where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news. But for now, let’s remember what made Michael a legacy in the first place.

michael jackson thriller

7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson died

  1. Erene!

    There is a rumour going around! Today, in front of the ROM, an old musician who had his sources in L.A. gave us some insider info. Apparently, MJ is in some serious debt, there is speculation that he payed half a million dollars to have himself cloned! And, it’s not the real MJ that is dead, but his clone!!!

    Also, his comeback album, I heard, is called THE RESURRECTION!!!!

    Just a rumour!

  2. Haha WOW that’s amazing… It sounds like the plot of a scifi film. But even so, I think MJ has already made history. Just in a different way, haha.

  3. haha!!!

    And very untrue!! While watching the memorial service, the other day I was expecting him to jump out any second(what a thriller it would have been!!)… but alas, to no avail!!

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