By the way, my fall term schedule

On the plus side: no classes on Thursdays or Fridays.

On the down side: Tuesdays are Brutal with a capital B. 9am to 8pm; breaks are few and far between.

u of t old school

How about you guys? What are your scheds like?

6 thoughts on “By the way, my fall term schedule

    • Well, all my lectures are just 2 or 3 hour blocks on one day, instead of several 1-hour classes spread out over the week. Also, none of my psychology classes have no tutorials, so that makes things a bit easier.

      Second term isn’t looking so hot though. I have Stats II from 6-9 on Thursday nights. Ugh.

  1. I am still not quite sure. I picked some classes because I had to but am expecting to do tons of switching during the first week. This past year taught me that the only way to know if a prof is any good is to go to their first class. I don’t trust the anti-calendar and even if the course is about something I love, I am going to switch out if the prof is no good.

    Oh boy! Soon I am going to meet with a prof who’s book I just read and I am going to quiz her on story and media. She might recommend some cool courses. I’m excited!

  2. Yikes for that Tuesday. Packed days are always a drag – it means you lose a lot of flexibility. No cramming for something due on Wednesday.

  3. My Tuesdays also suck – first semester it’s an hour of lecture at 10, 2 hour break, two hours of lecture, an hour break, and then 4 hours of lecture that end at 8 😦

    However, since I want to take PSY100, my second semester Tuesdays are even more disgusting – class from 10 to 8 with one hour break. I’m thinking of maybe switching it to the 6-9 night class so my Tuesdays aren’t so unbearable, but I hate night classes and I already have two and also then I don’t have Mondays off 😦

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