Fabrizio De André. La Guerra Di Piero, 1969

Italian pop from the 1960s. Perfection.


Homeless men build ship to sail around the world

From the New York Times: “A group of homeless men at the St. Lazarus Social Pension in Warsaw are building a ship to sail around the world, setting out to prove their seaworthiness and their worth to society, even if society has largely written them off.”

For more, visit the New York Times.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

“You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”
Calling all men: put on a pair of high heels and join the White Ribbon Campaign to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes. On Thursday October 1, 2009 we’re all going to help end violence against women and girls, one man-sized step at time.

No doubt, it’s No Doubt

Been looking through old CDs, and came across a few gems. Probably the day’s most unexpected find has been the rediscovery of my No Doubt CDs. I really really liked No Doubt for a few years. But then I forgot about them (this may or may not have coincided with the advent of Gwen Stefani’s solo career).

In any case, here’s one of my favourites off of 2001’s Rock Steady album. It’s called “Making Out” (aha, love the title!).

Hey, the guy who owns Urban Outfitters is pro life

Yep, just found out today. The billionaire Richard Hayne, of UO-hipster-fashion fame, is an ultra-Republican, anti-gay and a pro lifer. Some find it reason to boycott UO, since funds go in part toward pro life campaigns. Others simply respond, “meh”. What would you do? Would you forego the multi-coloured skinnies, or rather lavish in “choosing life”?

richard hayne

Looking for true love? Try Facebook

I was caught between disgust and hilarity this morning after reading this story in The Star.

Kelly Hildebrandt, Florida resident, is marrying Kelly Hildebrandt of Texas. They met after Kelly-girl searched her own name on Facebook, finding a picture of Kelly-boy in cargo pants, a hat, sans shirt.

It only took one fateful Facebook message, eloquently worded, to seal the deal: “I thought it was kind of cool we had the same name, and I just wanted to say hi.”

Eighteen months later, the couple would be happily married, with designated names “Kelly girl” and “Kelly boy” to tell them apart. The wedding is set for October 2009.

kelly girl kelly boy