Hey, the guy who owns Urban Outfitters is pro life

Yep, just found out today. The billionaire Richard Hayne, of UO-hipster-fashion fame, is an ultra-Republican, anti-gay and a pro lifer. Some find it reason to boycott UO, since funds go in part toward pro life campaigns. Others simply respond, “meh”. What would you do? Would you forego the multi-coloured skinnies, or rather lavish in “choosing life”?

richard hayne

Holy Hipster!

I don’t really know what “hipster” means, so I did some research on Google Images. Along with some American Apparel undie ads and beer-bemused snapshots from Pabst parties (why do they wear sunglasses in dark rooms in the nighttime?), here were some of my favourites:

hipster google search 1

I confess that this doesn’t correspond perfectly to my mental image of the hipster. Perhaps it’s because it was supposed to represent the “Columbia hipster.” The Toronto hipsters must be a different breed… One that wears tighter pants.

hipster trap

Ahaha, I just found this incredibly funny. Although I didn’t learn very much.

The new Lookbook: the style mecca gets a facelift

Hold on to your hopeful-lost-girl hats, because there’s a new collective fashion consciousness in town. If you thought Lookbook was cool, then you’re way off the radar. Here’s a taste of what the new wave of internet-style has to offer.

lookbook daniel