The Strokes start work on fourth album (!!)

This just in from the Strokes website (well… actually, it was posted on March 27):

Work begins on album number four

While I’m certainly eager to hear this next album, I can’t help but feel a little anxious about it. Frankly, First Impressions wasn’t my cup of tea. Sure, they got lots of radio play with Juicebox… but come on, Juicebox? Really?

the strokes good ol days

That said, I did like a number of tracks on the album. Evening Sun, Heart in a Cage, Electricityscape, You Only Live Once (plus the lo-fi version I’d Try Anything Once — in which Julian’s voice is back to what to should be: bedroom-radio-static). But what First Impressions lacked in comparison with the first two was the sense of an album as a whole. When you listen to Is This It, you start at Track 1, and you don’t stop until Track 11 is over. Rinse, and repeat.

Album 3 was a bit of a miss in that way. I found myself skipping tracks, or selecting a couple and listening to them exclusively. It didn’t have the draw of its wise young predecessors, and in attempt to incorporate variety, it lost a sense of cohesiveness. You forgot that this was a Strokes album.

Sometimes you just get things right the first time.