Looking for true love? Try Facebook

I was caught between disgust and hilarity this morning after reading this story in The Star.

Kelly Hildebrandt, Florida resident, is marrying Kelly Hildebrandt of Texas. They met after Kelly-girl searched her own name on Facebook, finding a picture of Kelly-boy in cargo pants, a hat, sans shirt.

It only took one fateful Facebook message, eloquently worded, to seal the deal: “I thought it was kind of cool we had the same name, and I just wanted to say hi.”

Eighteen months later, the couple would be happily married, with designated names “Kelly girl” and “Kelly boy” to tell them apart. The wedding is set for October 2009.

kelly girl kelly boy


It’s hard out there for a hooker

In tough economic times, everyone suffers. Including workers in the sex trade.

According to a recent Toronto Star article, the recession is driving prices for prostitutes into the ground. Or sidewalk. The price for oral sex was $60 last fall, while now it’s wavering at $20, and going down. “Full service” has gone down from $150 to $80.

hard out there for a hooker

While some prostitutes were once able to make $600 a night, these days, they can barely scrape up $150. So what’s in store in the future of Toronto’s sex trade? How will sex workers manage to live on plummetting prices and increasing competition?

It’s a serious problem, with dire implications for the economic state of our city. According to York University professor of economics Perry Sadorsky, when the “vices” of smoking, drinking and sex are affected by an economic downturn, you know things are getting bad. “We are in the most serious depression since the 1930s. This shows the magnitude of the decline. It is deep and it is problematic.”

All I can say is… I smell a bailout!